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Longtail Aviation - VP-BOP


Introducing Longtail Aviation’s Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). With a range over 6000NM, this aircraft will get you, and your team, where you need to be in the time you need to be there by. This Ultra VIP airliner is configured to meet the needs of the fast-paced life of modern day executives. With 26 belted seats, and a sleeping configuration set for 18; this aircraft outperforms any other private aviation aircraft.

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Longtail Aviation - VP-BRT


This Boeing BBJ includes two private staterooms, each with a private bath/shower.

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Longtail Aviation - VQ-BYT


Positioned in the heart of NY, this beautiful Falcon 900EX is perfect for your trips to Europe or down to the islands. VQ-BYT was painted and refurbished in 2012.

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